About WCHS

WCHS meets (approximately) six times a year in various venues across West Cork (but these days generally around Bandon). We meet to listen to (and occasionally heckle) he historical research of various writers pertaining to this general area.

There’s a great deal of flexibility of subject, but our interests to date have been post-seventeenth century.


5 thoughts on “About WCHS

  1. Hello
    Is there a way to join your group and/or be notified of your meetings? We write a West Cork blog and frequently deal with historical items. Finola and Robert of Rosringwater Journal.

    1. Hello Finola & Robert: so nice to hear from you. We follow your blog and have occasionally reblogged your material here too πŸ™‚ We post details of meetings/outings either here or on the Facebook page and would be delighted if you would do the same and let us know what you guys are up to! We see the forum as a loose collective of interested parties from all over West Cork – the area is much too big & historically diverse, so networking here is crucial.Consider yourselves membered and we look forward to meeting too, at some point πŸ™‚

  2. We went to the Crowley Clan Reunion last year in Bantry and would love to continuing more about the Crowley’s especially from the Dunmanway area.
    Mike Crowley

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